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First Fundamental Bible Church

  Pastor David Abeyta               

                                                                   Welcome to our web site!

The First Fundamental Bible Church family extends a warm invitation to you and your family to come join with us as we worship and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. We would also like to challenge you to consider life's most important question. Have you come to place in your spiritual life where you know for sure that if you were to die today you would go to heaven, or is that something you would say you're still working on? Friend, God's Word, the Bible tells us how to know for sure, the Bible tells us of a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ who suffered and died for our sins, that we might receive forgiveness and eternal life. We would love to help you answer any questions you may have. 

                                                                    Pastor David Abeyta 

Mission Statement

To spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to repentance and forgiveness of sins. To teach the truth of God's word and disciple the body of Christ which is the church made of believers of our Lord Jesus Christ. To prepare them for His service as approved workers, who are unashamed of the Gospel of Our Great God.


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